Guns, grenades & uniforms seized in Matamoros

A large cache of assault rifles, guns, grenades, ammunition and fake uniforms are off the streets south of the border in Matamoros.

The Mexican Army reported seizing weapons, uniforms and police insignias at a home in the Colonia Solidaridad.

Soldiers allegedly spotted an armed man outside the building prompting an investigation.

The man fled out the backdoor but authorities found the following:

92 Assault rifles (mostly AK-47 and AR-15)12 Handguns151 Grenades18 Fragmentation grenades23 Gas grenades5 Grenade launchers8 Grenades for grenade launchers2 Smoke grenades580 rounds of ammunition264 Artillery primersAmmunition cartridges66 Camouflage military uniforms15 Black uniforms8 Overalls with AFI insignias5 Shirts with PFP insignias

The items remain in the custody of federal authorities.

Army officials believe the uniforms and insignias from the AFI and PFP are counterfeit.