Gunshots fired at The Park Girl owner's car

A woman now infamous in the valley for allegedly not delivering on contract promises and scamming customers out of thousands of dollars, maybe in more trouble than she bargained for.

Joleigh Ares, the owner of The Park Girl in La Feria reported a shooting to her car last Wednesday morning.

Palm Valley police officers were called to her home.

"At approximately 5:22 a.m. she filed a report of criminal mischief that happened to her car, said Palm Valley City Police Chief Alvaro Garcia. Apparently somebody, we are not quite sure who yet, but somebody fired three shots at her vehicle.

Chief Garcia said officers found three bullet holes in Ares TM gray Mercedes Benz.

And from the looks of how the bullets were positioned, Chief Garcia says the incident looks like an apparent drive by shooting.

"We did talk to the neighbors all around her house, said Chief Garcia. No one had reported shots fired. We didn't get any calls of shots fired from Cameron County dispatch or Harlingen PD dispatch. We checked the scene for any kind of evidence and we were not able to locate anything.

Investigators did locate bullets inside the vehicle.

Action 4 News contacted Ares' attorney Stan Hulse, who tells us in the last couple of weeks Joleigh Ares has received death threats.

This, Hulse says, has forced her to temporarily move her family out of the state.

At this time Ares' attorney says he is not sure when she will be returning to the valley since her company is being investigated by police.

As for any pending disputes customers may have, her Stan Hulse says, Ares is involved with a legal dispute with one of her suppliers... and business has been halted. Ares understand what hardship this may place costumers under and says they could be eligible for compensation from the Texas General Fund.

Anyone who feels The Park Girl scammed them and to find out if you are eligible for compensation you can contact the Texas Department of Housing.

You can reach them at their Consumer Complaint Hotline 1-877-313-3223.

You can also fill out a complaint form by emailing them at