H1N1 safety tips for Halloween

Children can TMt wait to go out "trick or treating" but before they do their parents might want to listen up.

Health officials are urging everyone going out trick or treating to exercise extra sanitary precautions against the scariest monster this year -- the H1N1 virus.

Costumes this year, their parents if the kids are going to wear a mask they should consider wiping it down with a disinfectant," said Brownsville Director of Public Health Art Rodriguez Art Rodriguez.

On top of that, the Center for Disease Control says reaching into candy bowls is a major no--no this year.

But if children can be wait to open their Halloween candy the next day, that's a good thing. The H1N1 virus can survive only about eight hours without a host.

Most parents like Carrie Meki agree that the H1N1 wont stop them from taking their little ones out trick or treating.

The mother of two says her kiddos know exactly how to beat the germ monster.

They know, they know, how to wash their hands," she told Action 4 News.

Meanwhile, these precautions by the CDC are hoping children this Halloween will say goodbye to the flu.