H1N1 vaccines arrive in valley

The Hidalgo County Health Department was one the first locations in the Valley to receive a small shipment of H1N1 vaccines.

About 20 doses, which are in the nasal form, have been stored in refrigeration.

But because supply is so limited in South Texas right now at only about a few hundred doses, the county TMs health director said 99.9 percent of the population would not be vaccinated from this round.

"Emergency responders, Emergency personnel...Our health department staff will be first," said Eddie Olivarez.

The goal is to get them prepared to work directly with the public for the large scale vaccination that TMs not expected to begin for about another two weeks.

That's when Olivarez believes a well rounded pharmaceutical supply of both the nasal and shot version of the H1N1 vaccines should arrive at clinics administering them.

National polls show only about 4-in-10 people plan to get vaccinated when it TMs offered to the general public.

Terry Fender still isn TMt sure if he plans to buck the trend.

"I've been contemplating... Let TMs put it that way," explained Fender.

His fear, like with so many others, is that he will get the virus from the vaccine.

"I'm afraid of that more than anything," he said.

Olivarez isn't surprised with the skepticism but wants the public to know the vaccines are both FDA and CDC approved.

"The reality is... it's been proven to work... it's been used in South America, Australia and other countries throughout the world and has done a fantastic job at preventing H1N1."