Hackers group attacks website for Monterrey suburb

The hackers group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for a cyber attack against the website for a wealthy Monterrrey suburb.

The homepage for the City of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon was hacked around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday.

An image mocking Mexican President Felipe Calderon in a Santa Claus was among the images placed on the home page.

Apodaca is home to Monterrey's airport, factories, modern highways, large homes and several new neighborhoods.

City officials removed the hacked images around 10 p.m. Wednesday but Anonymous responded by attacking a website for the City of Santiago, Nuevo Leon.

A message on the news section of the City of Santiago webpage said the group was going after websites for each city in Nuevo Leon.

Anonymous claims it's only a preview for a series of attacks it has planned for December 10th.

The group is planning to attack several government and Mexican bus company websites.

Although the activity is illegal, they say it's a form of activism to draw attention to the kidnapping, murder and rape of bus passengers on Mexican highways.

The most notable case was just south of the Valley in San Fernando where close to 200 bodies were found in a series of mass graves.