Hail damage far from repair

If you drive through McAllen you'll notice many homes have yet to be repaired since the March 29th hail storm blew through town.

It's been more than two months since the McAllen hail storm damaged thousands of homes in the area, yet many homeowners have a lot more work to do before they can move back in.

Kerry Stutz has just finished gutting his home on Xanthisma Avenue in McAllen.

It TMs a little tedious, it TMs hot and tiring but it's good for ya," Stutz said.

The March 29th hail storm tore through his roof and flooded the entire home.

"Water got in all the walls and ceilings so we had to tear that all out down to the studs and start from there, Stutz said.

While Stutz has been able to secure insurance money to fix the place, it hasn't been a walk in the park.

"It TMs been kind of a slow long process," Stutz said.

Neighbor Carol Dearst says working on her home repairs has taught her a lot of patience.

You're on a list and you just wait your turn and take it one step at a time, you learn patience, Dearst said.

With so much damage to be repaired, the work has attracted many businesses from out of town.

"Right after the storm we had a flood of people coming to the door saying can we do your paint, your windows, whatever, a lot of people from out of town, Dearst said.

"Every day there are flyers left on the doors, business cards in the slit in the door, in the mailbox, and trucks driving up and down the street, Stutz said.

South Texas Better Business Bureau regional president Dolores Salinas says it TMs okay to use out of valley businesses but warns; do your research.

"Certainly ask about warranties and guarantees and get everything in writing, Salinas said. We at the BBB have no problem with them coming and working here, but we are asking them to provide a good product and service and a warranty for the work they are doing."

If you have any questions about companies and contractors contact the BBB at or call 956-969-1804.

Salinas says they haven't received many complaints but the test will come during the next storm.