"Half-Ton Killer" makes cable TV debut on Wednesday

Half Ton Killer: Transformed debuts on The Learning Channel on Wednesday evening

A new reality TV series about a Rio Grande Valley woman's amazing transformation will make its debut on Wednesday evening.

The story of Mayra Rosales will be aired on "Half-Ton Killer: Transformed" on The Learning Channel at 8 p.m. CST Wednesday.

Rosales weighed close to 1,000 pounds when she was charged with the March 2008 death of her nephew Eliseo Gonzalez.

It was later revealed that the La Joya woman was covering up for the real suspect, her sister Jamie Lee Rosales.

With her sister in prison, Mayra Rosales underwent life-saving surgery to lose weight.

Rosales lost hundreds of pounds but the whole transformation was recorded on video by The Learning Channel.

The transformation will now be aired as a reality TV series.