Halloween marks third anniversary of Valley teen's tragic death

Fatal hit-and-run victim Eric Villarreal

It's been three years since a Brownsville teen was killed in a hit and run accident.

Investigators are now reopening the case.

It was Halloween 2010, when Brownsville police say 19-year-old Eric Villarreal was walking home from a party.

He was on Tandy Road when a driver ran him over and left him on the side of the road.

It TMs been three years since that fatal accident-family members and police are hoping someone with information will come forward.

October is a difficult time of year for Eric's uncle Luciano Villarreal. He said he's been coming to the cemetery a lot lately.

We'll shed our tears and it TMs because he's a part of me even though he's gone he will always be in my heart-always be in our hearts," said Villarreal said.

Villarreal said his nephew was just a few blocks from home at the time of the fatal accident.

"I thought I was going crazy knowing that I wasn't going to have my nephew who I've always considered my son-I wasn't going to have him with me anymore," said Villarreal.

He says the toughest part is not knowing what happened.

"Walking around with unanswered questions-it TMs been very difficult," explained Villarreal.

Brownsville investigators are also looking for answers and are turning to the public for help.

"We believe that as minimal as you might think that the information you might have or seen or whatever the case might be...that might be the piece that this pulls this case together and solves this case," said Investigator J.J. Trevino.

Information that might give the Villarreal family the closure that they have been longing for.

"We would like to know who did it and why it TMs been so long for that person to come and step forward," said Villarreal.

Brownsville Crimestoppers is offering a $2,500 reward in an effort to solve this case. If you have any information or recognize the suspect vehicle, please call the hotline at (956) 546-TIPS.