Handcycling gives Weslaco teacher new lease on life

Myra Hough spends the majority of her day teaching students at Weslaco East High School.

In her spare time as of late, she's been trying to track down a person featured in one of our reports involving cycling.

"I emailed you to see if you have his contact information because I have been looking around for other people in the Valley," Myra said.

Myra has been cycling for a year now and is preparing for a marathon at Disney World in January.

"I actually need to get really serious over the holidays to be ready," she said.

There aren't many others who do the type of cycling she does which is why she's looking for Louis Greif of Bayview who Action 4 News just happened to spot cruising along Highway 100.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a phone number for him.

One of Myra's Christmas wishes?

Finding Louis who may help train her on the hand cycle.

"It's kind of scary out here riding alone," Myra said.

For a year now, Myra has done something she never could do before because this cycle only requires the power of her arms.

"I can't peddle with my feet and my legs so that's never been an option, we've tried straps on peddles on my leg, but it won't function in that way," she said.

The hand cycle has given her a freedom she never imagined after being born with a tumor on her spine.

"I had to have surgery to remove the tumor and it affected the nerves going down both legs, but the majority of the damage was my left leg," she said.

Myra uses a cane to walk, but does everything a person with full motion of both legs could do and now she can add cycling to that list.

"It's really boosted my confidence. I feel proud. I really enjoy it. It makes me feel good, like i'm actually participating in something," she said.

She would love to move her training into a bigger space than her own neighborhood which is why she is seeking out any other handcyclists to join her.

"If there are people already out there who hand cycle, it would be really nice if we could get in contact with each other," Myra said. "Perhaps every once in a while we can go out riding together."