Harlingen bail bonds business burglarized

Alfredo Gomez is an agent at Esquivel Bail Bonds. He said Sunday that when he and his co-workers at walked-in to the business in Harlingen on Saturday morning, they were surprised at what they found.

"This individual had about a good two or three hours in our office, Gomez said. He went through and selected what he wanted and he left."

Gomez is talking about a suspect caught on tape by their surveillance cameras. The bail bonds agent suspects the burglar came from an alley behind the business, located at the 1009 Fair Park Blvd., snuck up to a side-door and busted-it open. With no alarm to scare him off, Gomez said, several high-priced items were stolen.

"(It included) office equipment that we use to do research, laptops, there was cell phones that we use, two-way radios handcuffs (and) one of our badges."

More Surprising, Gomez said, is that the burglar broke into the business even though it TMs located just yards from the Harlingen Police Station.

"As far as his act, Gomez said, (it was) Reckless - he doesn TMt know who he robbed."

Gomez said there's a chance the face caught on camera is a familiar face.

"We're in the process of researching our files, looking through our photos to see if do recognize the individual," Gomez said.

Gomez also said he's thankful they had the surveillance cameras rolling, but said they TMve already added more security to the business.

"We double-bolted the security lock in the back, we've bolted down the windows, and now we're going to look into upgrading our security system to include motion sensors and an alarm," Gomez said.

The suspect's image was posted at the business and the surveillance video was handed over to Harlingen police. Anyone with information is urged to call police or Esquivel Bail Bonds at 956-412-9446.