Harlingen business hiring hundreds of employees

With a big number of unemployed, finding a job isn't easy.

There's tough competition.

But one long-time local business had the help wanted sign up for those looking for work on Thursday.

"Oh its been a little bit hard. There's really no work out here."

22 year old Julio Torres of Harlingen is going on three months now out of work.

"I live with my mom right now," said Torres.

He recently dropped out of school at TSTC because he was unable to afford it and jumped in line with hundreds of applicants waiting outside Pittman and Davis on Tuesday.

The Harlingen based supplier of fruit and gifts is now in their 85th season.

The company ships millions of dollars worth of product around the world each year.

"For the most part its about a 12 week period that we are inundated with orders for Christmas and the holidays," said Colleen Kimbriel, the customer relations director.

She says they operate with about 26 employees working full time, doing everything from warehouse work, to separating fruit and putting the finishing touches on their product.

During peak season, conveyer belts at the Harlingen facility are filled with thousands of boxes on a daily basis, adding up to all kinds of jobs for people living in the valley.

"Someone who is willing to work hard, cares about what their doing," said Kimbriel.

Temporary positions bring the total workforce to 500, a demand that people like Torres hope to fill.

"I did a lot of applications but a lot of times they don TMt call back. I call back they just usually give me the run around," said Torres.

While temporary work might not last for long, it could certainly help get through hard times for some.

"Ah man, its back to following rules, back to being quiet and you know living with mom. You never want to do that, not at 22," said Torres.