Harlingen Christmas parade 'ruined' by racy sports bar RV?

The Harlingen Jaycees annual Christmas Parade last Friday will go down in history.

Organizers said there was record attendance, a record number of entries with more than 70, and for the first time in the event's 30-plus years, one float has broken a record for most scandalous and will likely be permanently banned. Reporter: "In your honest opinion... did the 'Butt Wild' float... ruin the Christmas parade in Harlingen?"

Organizer: "For some it may have."

Diana Bustamante is vice president of the Harlingen Jaycees' organization.

She personally fielded phone calls from parade-goers following the event who she said were "outraged" to see a sports bar TMs racy RV during the so-called "family friendly" event.

"This is something they didn't want their children to see and I agree," Bustamante said.

"It's not something children should be exposed too."

Butt Wild is a sports bar in the City of Harlingen.

Daniel Menchaca is owner of the business.

"I thought I was just advertising my business and just getting my name out and getting the sports bar out," he said.

The RV turned float-in-question features the signature Butt Wild girls dressed in what most people would describe as skimpy shorts and low cut tops.

It also features a racy slogan with a word Action 4 News cannot air during the broadcast or print online.

The Jaycees admit none of it was against parade entry rules, because they never encountered this type of "provocative" material before.

Menchaca said his float was embraced along the route.

"A lot of the kids were yelling and waving and having fun," he said.

Event organizers plan to meet to discuss ways to screen floats so they're pre-approved based on the "family friendly" Christmas parade motto.

Butt Wild's owner plans to make changes for next year too. Menchaca: "'Come party your a** off'... I don't have a problem with that."

Reporter: "You don't... but can you see parents who don't want their kids exposed to the slogan 'come party your a** off' at a Christmas parade?

Do you understand that?"

Menchaca: "Yes. I understand that."

With that, his RV, as it stands, is out.

But look for Butt Wild to be back, Menchaca said, to wish Harlingen 'Merry Christmas' next year.

Daniel Menchaca did offer an apology to anyone who was offended during the holiday parade.

He also wanted people to know his sports bar helped to raise more than $10,000 this year for a number of community fundraisers.

Despite the business' controversial float, the Harlingen Jaycees called this year's event, a huge success.