Harlingen City Commission moving forward with de-annexation

John Franco blames the city of Harlingen for what he calls lack of emergency response on Queen Sago Drive.

"We don't have any police protection per say. The fire protection has failed, three with this one that burnt down yesterday. That makes three homes in this area that have burnt to the ground, said Franco whose neighborhood is located at the western end of the city and is now in favor of being de-annexed, something he's been anxiously awaiting.

For example such things like sewage they say will be fixed in 10 years, for curbs they say they'll get to it, and fire hydrants they say they'll put some in 10 years. We are not ready to be annexed. They can't provide the services for the increase in taxes, said Franco.

Another person who lives in this area is against de-annexing here.

He's actually happy with the city and doesn't mind spending a bit more.

"You're going to have lots of problems of theft like there was before. But now with police coming periodically out here it's just a wonderful thing for the city. There are a few private individuals who don TMt want it annexed because they don TMt want to pay taxes. You don TMt get everything for nothing, said Mike MacManus.

Mayor Chris Boswell said the only way for Harlingen to grow is to annex.

If we allow ourselves to be landlocked we won't be able to grow we won TMt be able to capture the revenues of new business that would locate inside our city limits, said Mayor Boswell.

Boswell said that more than $570,000 in services have been provided to the annexed area and if the land were to be de-annexed, residents in that area would be at a disadvantage.

They would actually loose special protection services by being outside of the city. They would lose investigation services, inspection services and education services if they are not within the city, added Boswell.

The mayor also said that the people who live on the outskirts of any city uses a variety of the city services and benefit from the economic development of the city.

So everyone in the region that benefits should pay their fare share of taxes.