Harlingen city worker fights cancer, city insurance

Timothy Guerrero takes multiple medicines every day to relieve side effects of chemotherapy.

"It's a medicine that speaks to nausea, said Timothy Guerrero. I do have pain meds that I do depend on, because cancer can be very painful at times."

Guerrero's cancer is terminal.

His fight against it has been tough, only getting worse when he couldn't fill his prescriptions.

"When you need critical medicines and you can't get them, that can definitely impact your life, said Guerrero.

Guerrero works for the City of Harlingen.

He said when the city changed insurance providers, he went a week unable to prove he had insurance, unable to afford his medications.

The City of Harlingen switched to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The change was supposed to take place October 1, but when Guerrero tried buying much needed medicine, he was told his insurance could not be verified.

Guerrero said doctors even debated giving him chemo treatment.

Thankfully, they decided to go forward despite being unable to verify his insurance.

"It needs to be resolved sooner than later, said Guerrero.

Guerrero wants his story known.

He said the City of Harlingen didn't protect its employees.

At a city commission meeting, Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell apologized to Guerrero on behalf of the city.

He told Action 4 News all city workers were able to get a temporary insurance card Friday.

If you are in need of one, go the human resources department at city hall.