Harlingen couple want sewage spillover to stop

Harlingen couple want sewage spillover to stop at La Casita Apartments

A Harlingen couple is relieved to finally have working plumbing in their apartment after spending a weekend living with sewage all over the floor.

Nellie Prieto and her common-law husband Pablo Elizondo live at La Casita Apartments, a government housing apartment complex.

Prieto tells Action 4 sewage started coming out of her bathtub faucet and toilet Friday.

There was water everywhere and there was nothing I could do, Prieto said.

Prieto is concerned for her husband TMs health, Elizondo is disabled and has to take several medications for his dementia.

That TMs a health concern, you are walking on sewer water, Prieto said.

Prieto tried calling the apartment's maintenance workers but could not get a hold of anyone.

She also called the city, they told her the plumbing issues were on private property and therefore the property owner would have to take care of the issue.

For three days the sewage water damaged clothing and furniture.

All my clothes, the bathrooms, everything, and this is not the first time, Prieto said.

Today, work crews unclogged the pipe and provided cleaning supplies and laundry money to the couple.

Action 4 spoke with the property manager who said Prieto TMs apartment is the only residence experiencing the issue.

Maintenance workers found baby wipes in the pipe.

The property manager said she warns residents to not flush large objects like tampons or diapers because they often cause the sewage backup.

Prieto tells Action 4 she has heard other residents complain about sewage problems and thinks the property owner should provide a permanent solution.

"They gotta fix it, I don TMt care about the clothes, they come and go, Prieto said. I can TMt have him, my common law husband, I can TMt have him in this situation.

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