Harlingen family gets a visit from a real-life 'Grinch'

It's like the Grinch that stole Christmas in Whoville, but only this time it happened on Lozano Street in Harlingen."We had gifts all around the tree," said 8-year-old Daniel Villarreal, Jr. "Like there was some all in the back and in the front. It was full."

A group of five burglars allegedly broke into their home Thursday afternoon.

"The stockings were puffed and the presents were all open" said 8-year-old Daniel Villarreal, Jr.

Burglars allegedly struck when Daniel's mother went to him, his brother and their sisters up from school.

The alleged "Grinches" ransacked the home leaving behing only a half-wrapped gift under the tree. The family's dog tried to scare them away but 8-year-old Daniel has nothing but mixed emotions. I just felt like...aww dude," Daniel said. "They stole my stuff Like dude! They stole my stuff." The crooks also made off with pillows, cameras and all the gifts in their stockings. "It's like they had nothing to play with, so they just go to people's house and steal stuff," said Jacob Villarreal. The parents quickly called Harlingen Police and Action 4 News. Officers quickly captured one of the suspects TM red handed. Another three suspects were rounded up with police recovered almost all of the stolen gifts.

The suspects' names have not been released pending their Friday morning arraignment but police said they are currently holding some of the gifts amid an ongoing investigation. A fifth suspect remains at large.

Despite not getting all of their presents back, the children say they still won't let any "Grinch" steal their holiday spirit. It's not that bad, because we are still going to have Christmas," Daniel said. "It's not about the presents. It's about spending time with family. I know most of the presents are gone, but we are still gonna have Christmas little Daniel stressed