Harlingen family loses Corvette, carport in fire

Vicky Rubalcaba and her husband spent most of the day cleaning up charred debris after a fire ignited in their backyard.

"We got ready to take off for dinner, we were half way to Weslaco and our neighbor called us saying our house was on fire" said Joe Rubalcaba.

The blaze could be seen miles away.

Harlingen fire officials rushed to the 1700 block of east Madison just before 9 p.m Thursday.

They found the fire had started in the Rubalcaba's carport, it spared their house, but went straight for their Corvette.

Joe Rubalcaba said overall they sustained about $30,000 in damage.

"I TMm glad the fire didn TMt get to the house or non of the kids, nobody was home at the time said Joe Rubalcaba. Our biggest worry was the house, all of this garage and car can be replaced".

Fire investigators said the cause was accidental, but the Rubalcaba's believe fireworks had something to do with it, and they weren't on their yard.

"We had filed a report with Harlingen police department saying that there was some fireworks close by, we made a report but no one came out here." Said Joe Rubalcaba.

Harlingen police said they did answer that call, and did not find anyone with fireworks in the area..

Still this family said they could have lost everything for what they believe was some kid's negligence..

Joe said the next step is to start saving money to get a new car.

He would like for the neighborhood to get involved and start a neighborhood watch program.