Harlingen family mourns 21-month-old baby's tragic death

Residents on South Dakota Road in Harlingen said it was no surprise to see the one of their neighboring families outside, spending quality time with their children as soon as the weekend rolled around.

"They do a lot of interactions, a lot of parties with the kids and everything - they take care of the kids," Alejandro Mendoza, a neighbor said.

It was no differenton Sunday, as the family was outdoors enjoying the evening.

However, in a split second, things took a turn for the unimaginable.

Harlingen police said a 27-year-old man was backing out his truck on his driveway, when suddenly his 20-month-old son crossed into the vehicle's path.

Police said the man struck the child with the truck. Some neighbors saw the horrifying scene and said the little boy got pinned under a tire.

"It's a shock (because) it can be very hard running over a baby," Mendoza said.

The incident was so traumatizing for some residents in the area, that one neighbor who witnessed the accident told Action 4 News he hadn't been able to sleep in days.

The man burst-out in tears as he recalled the accident.

Mendoza, a father of four, said he can't imagine the suffering the 21-year-old mother and father of the child are going through.

It would be very harsh, very harsh, Mendoza said. I couldn TMt live with myself."

In light of this tragedy that hit so close to home, Mendoza said, he'll be extra vigilant about his own children.

"Basically if they are in the car or in the house (and) you know, not letting them run around," Mendoza said.

Harlingen police said no charges have been filed against the young couple but the investigation is still ongoing.