Harlingen getaway driver claims she was "threatened at gunpoint"

Surveillance image of the suspects

A woman accused of being the getaway driver in a Harlingen murder claims she was forced to do so by two men at gun point.

Harlingen police arrested 27-year-old Dorothy Lee Sanchez early Tuesday morning.

The Los Fresnos woman remains in the Cameron County Jail under $1,450,000 dollars in bonds.

Sanchez is accused of driving two men blamed in the shooting death of 21-year-old Mayra Bianey Oyervides.

Court records released Wednesday show that Sanchez is accused of giving them a ride before and after the crime.

No other suspects have been identified or arrested but investigators allegedly linked Sanchez through her black mini-van.

Nearby surveillance cameras allegedly captured her black Chrysler Town and Country mini-van near the scene of the crime.

Forced At Gunpoint

Records show that Investigators found her mini-van in the parking lot of the Las Cazuelas Restaurant just a few blocks away off F Street and West Tyler Avenue.

Police waited for the owner to return and took Sanchez into questioning when she arrived.

Court records show that Sanchez gave police several different stories but claimed she had no knowledge of the shooting.

Sanchez claimed she was on her way to visit a friend on Buchanan Street but police showed her surveillance images of her dropping off the suspects.

The Los Fresnos woman later claimed that the two men threatened her at gunpoint to give them a ride.

Innocent Victim

Court records released Wednesday show that the two men may have been after Oyervides TM 18-year-old nephew Leonel Lee Garcia.

Oyervides was outside the entrance of her second floor apartment when the two men approached Garcia.

One of the two men pulled out a gun prompting Garcia to run inside the apartment.

Garcia told police that he heard at least two rounds of gunshots fired.

A motive for the shooting is not clear but investigators confirmed Garcia is the son of Ruby Meza Garcia.

The 33-year-old woman remains behind bars for her role in a Valentine TMs Day drive-by shooting off Adrian Street in Harlingen.

Oyervides TM fianc had been taking care of her children.

Court records show that Harlingen police arrested Leonel Lee Garcia back in June 2012 for fraudulent use of identification, theft and marijuana back in June 2012.

He was in the middle of serving a three-year probation sentence at the time of the shooting.

Attempts to speak to Garcia or family members were not successful but funeral arrangements are being made at the Trinity Funeral Home in Harlingen.