Harlingen graduate makes 305 mile bike ride for his mom

It's been a long trek for Kenny Rubio.

"I rode 145 miles yesterday and then got up this morning and get going."

The former Harlingen Cardinal Football player rode his bicycle from the state capitol, roughly 305 miles, to Harlingen to raise awareness for rheumatoid arthritis after his mom was diagnosed 4 years ago.

"I called my mom a few months ago and said I wanted to do something crazy."

The journey to his parents barber shop in Harlingen wasn't an easy one.

"I had a lot of up and downs. I was cramping in my quads and hamstring and my toes were in a lot of pain."

Nothing, Kenny says, compared to what his mom Donna has to go through every single day dealing with one of the most severe forms of arthritis.

She couldn't be more proud and gracious of her sons ride.

"Thank you," Donna Zoerner says as Kenny wraps his arms around her.

They hope Kenny's excursion will help make strides in educating people about rheumatoid arthritis and finding sufferers the support they need.

"There are no support groups for RA in the valley and that's unfortunate. I have a website, it's and anyone who wants to join me can find me there", says Zoerner.