Harlingen High School South on alert amid bomb threat

Firefighters and police were called to Harlingen High School South on Tuesday morning

Police and firefighters were called to Harlingen High School South following a Tuesday morning bomb threat.

It all happened around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Concerned parents came to the school but are not being let onto campus or pick up their children.

The bomb threat proved false but a police investigation into the incident continues.

Harlingen CISD Statement:

This morning at Harlingen High School South, there was a bomb threat that resulted in the campus keeping students in their second period classrooms for an extra 60 minutes. As per district safety procedure, the building was cleared and deemed safe by campus administration and by Harlingen police.

Students were kept in their classrooms, and the campus was locked down as per district safety protocol. A lockdown is a campus procedure where students are kept in their classrooms, and the school does not allow people to enter or exit the building.

The sweep of the building took an extended amount of time as police took extra precaution in clearing the building. At HCISD, we take any threat or safety concern very seriously as providing a safe learning environment is our number one district goal.