Harlingen home to new immigrant processing center for children

Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell confirms a new immigrant processing for children

As the influx of Central American immigrants continues along the border where Harlingen will soon be home to a new immigrant proccessing facility.

A compnay has filed a building permit application to turn two buuildings off the 2000 block of North 77 Sunshine Strip into a state of the art facility.

City leaders confirmed that one building will be used as an administrative office while the other used for the processing children who crossed the border illegally.

Harlingen already has an immigration court as well as a Border Patrol station.

But Mayor Chris Boswell stressed that the new facility will not be used for housing immigrants.

"There are so many of these kids that have to be dealt with processed that they are going to be lots of different locations," Boswell said. "Obviously, Harlingen is centrally located so it makes it a good place to do a lot of different things."

According to the building permit application, the Brownsville-based Danny Ybarra Contruction company will be in charge of remodeling the buildings.

Figures for the costs of the project and the projected opening date were not immediately available.