Harlingen homeowner facing charges after family dog shot

MIchael Subia

A Harlingen homeowner is facing criminal charges after he allegedly entered a crime scene where his dog had been shot by a police officer.

Harlingen police arrested 51-year-old Robert Luis Subia on interfering with public duties and evading arrest charges on Friday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Subia was arrested in connection to an investigation where his dog was shot by a police officer.

Officers went to Subia TMs Chaparral Street home on Friday afternoon.

Police didn TMt find the man they were looking for but an officer shot Subia TMs dog because it allegedly charged at an one of the investigators.

Investigators said police had sealed off the area and warned Subia to stay away but dog owner allegedly entered the restricted area.

Subia allegedly fled on foot but was caught a short time later.

The Harlingen homeowner appeared before a municipal judge on Saturday where he was issued $5,500 dollars in bonds.

The family spokes to Action 4 News about the incident last week.

They said the dog was barking but did not charge at police.

Dog shot during botched raid in Harlingen