Harlingen IRS reopens 16 months after hurricane

The brand new, permanent office for the IRS opened up Monday afternoon.

But even then, employees were hard at work trying to move into their brand new building in Harlingen.

"It TMs been a year and four months since Hurricane Dolly passed by Harlingen, Texas and destroyed our old office so we had to move to McAllen, Texas," IRS Spokeswoman Irma Trevino said.

No ceremony was held to mark the grand opening of the new office.

Instead employees diligently worked to help out a room full of Valley taxpayers in need of assistance.

"I had some W-2 forms accumulated and I didn TMt do them in the past, so I could get a little bit of dough," Jesse Gonsales said.

The new office has plenty of space to accommodate growth and the IRS said its centralized location in Harlingen makes it easier for Valley residents to get assistance.

"It TMs more convenient because I was looking for the place and they told me I had to McAllen, Harlingen resident Lorraine told Action 4 News. It TMs best closer to home."

Lorraine added that she is glad she does not have to make that trip, but not everyone can say that.

"I'm now in the Rio Grande City, Quino Guerra said. Having to travel all the way back over here, it TMs a change, instead of having to drive to McAllen. Now I come back over here."

Guerra drove over an hour to make it to the new office, as opposed to the 30 minutes it took him to get to McAllen. But he said the change was good in the end.

"It went pretty quick in here, he said. They've got all state of the art stuff now so everything is working really well. Kinda glad, compared to the old scene where it took a while to stand in line."

The new IRS office is located at 1810 Hale Avenue in Harlingen. Their office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fore more information, go to the IRS website at