Harlingen man arrested for DWI and punching ex-wife

41-year-old Stephen Michael Place

A Harlingen man was arrested Saturday for repeatedly punching his ex-wife in her face and arms.

According to police reports, Stephen Michael Place was assaulting the 34-year-old as he drove his black BMW down the 1500 block of Shirley Street over the weekend.

Police said he eventually slammed his BMW into a tree and quickly fled the scene.

Neighbors in the area could hear a woman screaming and running away from the sports car after, police said, he ~grabbed her arm preventing her from getting out TM.

The unidentified woman was transferred to Valley Baptist Medical Center for treatment.

Investigators on the scene said Place displayed signs of drug use and he also failed a field sobriety test.

He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and assault/family violence.

Place's bond was set at $500 for his DWI charge and $2,000 for his assault charge.