Harlingen man arrested for purposely hitting girlfriend with car

26-year-old David Raul Cavazos

A Harlingen man faces charges after he intentionally drove his car into his girlfriend Saturday night.

The couple had been at an apartment with friends on Sonesta Drive before the incident occurred.

The victim told Harlingen police that she had followed her boyfriend, David Raul Cavazos, outside to the parking lot because he had seemed upset.

She saw that Cavazos had gotten into his white Cadillac, had made eye contact with her and then drove extremely fast right at her.

Cavazos struck her with the vehicle and fled from the parking lot.

His girlfriend sustained lacerations to her knees, injury to her left ankle, swelling of her left hand and redness to her chin.

Officers were searching for the Cadillac in the nearby area, when they spotted his car at the Harlingen K-Mart.

Shortly after, Cavazos was found across the street at Pendleton Park.

He was taken into custody and arraigned the next morning.

The 26-year-old was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and accident involving injury.

His bonds totaled $275,000.

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