Harlingen man caught with over 1,600 ecstasy pills

Harlingen Police Department: Andrew Taylor Simmons

Harlingen police arrested Andrew Taylor Simmons after they found he had a total of 1,626 ecstasy pills.

Police spotted Andrews in his Chevrolet Avalanche on the 600 block of N. Sunshine Strip.

They noticed the 23-year-old was trying to hide clear plastic bags. When officers searched his truck, they discovered 174 ecstasy pills.

Simmons told police he was going to deliver the two bags in exchange for cash.

He was taken to the police department and gave authorities permission to search his home.

After searching his apartment, officers found the other 1,452 pills.

Simmons was arraigned and has a $200,000 bond for manufacture/delivery controlled substance.

The 23-year-old was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

His bonds totaled $235,000.

The pills have been tagged and secured as evidence.