Harlingen man 'has fix' to oil spill

Like millions of Americans, Daniel Davis watched in frustration as the latest attempt to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico failed. But unlike many others, Davis has a solution.

He is the CEO of Davis Group, a construction, heavy equipment and pipeline company.All the ingredients, he said, to help plug up the leaking oil well off the coast of Louisiana.

"We have people who work for us, engineers, from all over the world that are stationed here now and we've got people we can call on that have worked with me that are consultants now," Davis said.

The idea consists of using a tug boats, known as J-Lays, to lay down pipe vertically all the way to the leaking riser on the sea floor.

Once in place, the pipe will be used to lower a dome structure to cover the well head, as well as thicker pipes to siphon out the leaking oil and gas.

"These other outlets we have here are for pumping liquids or hot water into the dome to keep it from crystallizing like it had done before," he said, motioning to two tubes sticking out the dome drawing.

Once the oil and gas make their way up, the gas can be ignited and the oil siphoned into a large oil tanker.

However, their biggest obstacle to this idea is not logistic. Instead, the group has struggled to get their idea out.

"We've put so much effort to try to bring it to the public to the government, to BP to offer a true solution for this," engineer Andres Garcia.

That is why they've spent almost $20,000 on the website, hoping to catch the attention and interest of the government, or even British Petrouleum.

To visit the Davis Group website to fix the oil spill click here.