Harlingen man says city not picking up pile of brush

It's a service that Harlingen residents pay for year round but according to one man, he's not getting his money's worth.

Harlingen resident Heath Olsen said a pile of brush has been outside his home for the past three weeks.

He does his part by paying the $18 dollar monthly garbage fee but now he wants the city to do their part and come pick up the brush.

Olson regularly trims the trees around his home on Los Alamos Circle and New Hampshire Road home.

The Harlingen man trimmed his trees about three weeks ago and put out the excess brush on his curbside for pick up.

But that hasn TMt happened and the dry brush is now a fire hazard.

Olson adds that for the $18 dollars he pays each month to cover trash and brush pick up, this pile should not be there.

Harlingen Sanitation Superintendent Felix Flores said city crews pick up brush once a month throughout the city and there's currently no delay in services.

Flores said people should call the Public Works Department or check the pick-up schedule on the city's website so that they can better plan on when to put out their brush.

The area is scheduled for brush pick up coming up this Thursday.

City officials add that the $18 dollar fee pays for trash pick up twice a week and that there are one brush and one debris pick up per month.