Harlingen man searching for kidney donor again

After waiting on a list for three years, John Curry and his family thought their prayers had been answered.

The family had been an eligible donor willing to give him a kidney.

A Rio Grande Valley woman was so touched by Curry's story on Action 4 News that she offered her kidney.

Not only was the woman a match, but testing and health checks were moving along just fine. That is until recently.

The woman became pregnant and is now ineligible to become a donor.

Curry says the pregnancy is a blessing for the woman but he is back on all types of waiting lists and even swap lists for a kidney.

In the meantime, he goes to dialysis three times a week.

His son knows it's back to the drawing board but says he won TMt give up on the search for a kidney for his father.

In helping his father, Curry is also hoping to raise some awareness for the need for organ donors.

He says it's a decision that takes careful consideration -but one that can be life saving

Curry says the wait begins again, but says the family is faithful another match is out there.

Eligible donors have to be "O negative" or "O" blood type.

All testing is kept confidential.