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      Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell celebrates 3 more years in office

      Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell celebrated his victory at the Reese building on Saturday.

      The Harlingen mayoral race was between 45-year-old Rick Morales and 54-year-old incumbent Chris Boswell.

      Boswell received 67.7% while Morales got 33.3% of the vote.

      Mayor Boswell said he will continue to work on Harlingen TMs economy and getting a medical school in the Rio Grande Valley.

      Rick Morales thanked everyone for his support and congratulated Mayor Boswell on his victory.

      In other Harlingen races, District 1 City Commissioner Danny Castillo kept his seat in a three-way race with challengers Gail Moore and J.J. Gonzalez.

      Newcomer Tudor Ulhorn won as District 2 City Commissioner defeating challenger Frank Puente.