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      Harlingen men arrested for using counterfeit cash at carnival

      Dimas Vincent Rivas // Harlingen Police Department Photo

      Two Harlingen men got a ride to jail after they were allegedly caught using fake money at a local carnival.

      Harlingen police arrested Rene Medrano, Jr. and Dimas Vincent Rivas on forgery and evading arrest charges.

      The pair allegedly tried using a counterfeit $20 dollar bill to pay for a game on Saturday night.

      Heart of America carnival workers off Dixieland Road alerted police.

      After a short chase, officers arrested both suspects.

      Harlingen Police Sgt. John Parrish said any business can be a target for fake cash.

      "Just be careful, look at the bill, if you happen to have the brown pen, that always comes in handy, Sgt. Parrish said. But a lot of times you can just look. The ink will be smudged, the paper may not feel just right."

      Police officers found a total of five fake $20 dollar bills.

      Investigators told Action 4 News that that U.S. Secret Service will be involved in the case.