Harlingen military family uses Skype to stay in touch

Cathy and Chris Amrhein have spent every Christmas together for the past 13 years but this year is very different.

They have been living in Virginia where Chris has been stationed with the Air Force.

But last January, Chris was notified that he was going to be deployed to Asia leaving Cathy and their three kids alone for Christmas.

So they decided to head to her hometown of Harlingen to spend the year with her parents.

Cathy admits that it is quite hard being apart during the Holidays but was introduced to a computer program Skype before Chris left.

A few times a week, Cathy and the kids will get online and video chat with their dad.

They have even used this technology to do some Christmas shopping together.

And while dad may not physically be with his children, they say with Skype nothing is out of the question.