Harlingen mom says daughter's boot camp instructor shoved her

A Harlingen woman's 14-year-old daughter attends the Secondary Alternative Center (SAC) in Harlingen and got into an altercation in a classroom with another student.

The mom was called in to pick up her daughter from the campus and that is when things really got out of hand.

"The other girl was saying stuff to my daughter as we were walking to the car and the principal came out and told us to leave."

The woman claims to avoid another fight she pressured her daughter to get into their car that is when she says a sergeant who works at the boot camp shoved her.

"He came up and pushed me and told me to leave, she said.

Some other choice of words were exchanged according to this mom who made a Call 4 Action after she filed a police report.

She is more concerned about the students at the alternative school.

The woman says surveillance video from the parking lot at the SAC will prove her story and police are currently in the process of obtaining it.

"Something needs to happen to this man, he can't do this, she said.

The woman chose not to be identified to protect her daughter.

The girl was suspended from the campus for 2 days for the altercation in the classroom.

Harlingen CISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores released this statement to Action 4 News saying,

"Safety is our primary concern at HCISD and we continue to hold our staff to the highest of standards. As this is a personnel matter, we cannot comment during this time. We will continue our review of this situation and will take appropriate action if necessary."

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