Harlingen mother reaches out for help with school supplies, clothes

It's the start of a new school year but unfortunately for some parents times are tough.

Some working parents can't afford to buy clothes or school supplies for their children.

Action 4 News spoke to a Harlingen mother who said her son and daughter have already missed the first two days of school.

She said she didn TMt send them because she can't afford to buy them the proper clothes or supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.

Action 4 News delivered two backpacks filled with notebooks and other supplies at Linda Sanchez's home.

Both 5-year-old Francisco and 4-year-old Dalma got the backpacks.

The first-time students at Ben Milam Elementary School have yet to attend school this year.

But Sanchez says she only received a high school education and does not have a job.

The Harlingen mother said it breaks her heart that her children are missing out on school because she knows education is the key to a better future.

"Day by day, it's hard, Sanchez said. Everything is getting harder for them so it's better for them to go to school and finish and go to college and start thinking about their future. It's very important because I don't want them to go through what I'm going through right now."

Little Francisco and Dalma, although somewhat shy, told Action 4 News that are looking forward to the day when they get to start school.

Even at their young age, they say they want to be police officers someday in order to help others.

Sanchez told Action 4 News that she only has school clothes to last her two days.

Francisco Sanchez is 5 years old and wears size 8 in pants and a size 6-7 in shirts and size 1 in shoes.

Dalma Sanchez is 4 years old and wears size 5 in tops, size 4 in bottoms and size 10 in shoes

If you would like to help the Sanchez family contact Linda Sanchez directly at (956) 970-8854.

Action 4 News contacted the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District about this story.

Harlingen CISD officials said anyone in need of or wishing to donate school supplies or clothes can do so through the district's Parental Involvement Center.

The Harlingen CISD Parental Involvement Center can be reached at (956) 427-3515.

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