Harlingen murder suspect was wanted for probation violations

Suspect: Baldemar Vega

A man charged in connection with a double murder in Harlingen had been wanted by authorities since December for probation violations in other cases.

Harlingen police charged 21-year-old Jose Luis Vega with the deaths of 23-year-old Edgar Villanueva and 23-year-old Agustin Gonzalez, Jr. over the weekend.

Vega's brother Baldemar Vega and their cousin Jerardo Olivarez are also facing charges in the case.

The men are accused of gunning down Villanueva and Gonzalez off West Harrison Avenue and B Street in Harlingen late Saturday night.

An Action 4 News investigation revealed that the suspects and the victims all had criminal histories prior the fatal double shooting.

Court records show that Jose Luis Vega got probation in domestic violence, terroristic threat and deadly conduct cases from 2009.

The 24-year-old San Benito man was wanted in all three cases at the time of the West Harrison Avenue double shooting.

Jose Luis Vega got probation in all three cases but a motion to revoke his probation was filed in the family violence case back in December.

Court records show that County Court at-Law No. 1 Judge Arturo McDonald issued an arrest warrant when Jose Luis Vega failed to appear in court back in February.

Another failure to appear warrant was issued for his deadly conduct case back in April while a motion to revoke probation in the terroristic threat case remains on the books.

Court records show his brother Baldemar Vega and their cousin Jerardo Olivarez had also been arrested in a recent possession of prohibited weapons case.

Investigators told reporters that Jose Luis Vega and victim Edgar Villanueva were cousins.

Court records show that Villanueva was released from prison back in April after serving a two-year sentence for an aggravated assault case from Mercedes.

Villanueva had other arrests for failure to identify, family violence and interfering with a 911 call in Mercedes and Progreso back in 2006 and 2008.

Court records show that victim Agustin Gonzalez, Jr. had previous arrests in 2008 for criminal mischief and evading arrest in Mercedes.