Harlingen native gunned down in San Antonio trying to 'help' police

Even as a baby, John Bermea's mother says she taught him to be kind to others.

"He was reared to always help people," Veronica Bermea said.

So when she got the call last Thursday that her 20-year-old son died in San Antonio while trying to help police stop armed robbers, Veronica was not surprised.

It didn't surprise me because I wouldn't have expected anything less cause that was who my son was," she said.

John was in San Antonio for one day to pick up his high school transcripts.

The Harlingen native wanted to return to the Rio Grande Valley to attend college in Harlingen.

He left the Valley for San Antonio during his freshmen year in high school.

But his dream of working in the medical field would never be fulfilled after he was murdered.

John tried to chase down 3 robbers outside a San Antonio convenience store near his aunt's apartment on the Northwest side, according to his family.

He was shot in the process.

Nicholas Pacheco and Michael Lozano have been charged with capital murder and are being held on a $1 million bond.

The two are accused of shooting John while they fled from police.

A juvenile is also in police custody.

Veronica says she doesn't hold any hate or anger towards the men who took her son's life.

"Most people wouldn't do what my son did," she said. "Most people wouldn't step up to the plate. Most people would just let it happen. My son would never tolerate such injustice anywhere."

It's a final display of heroism she says for a son who's been taught to put others before himself.

"In my heart before any of this, he'll always be my hero," Veronica said.

John's 17-year-old fianc is expecting a baby.

The little girl is due in January around the time when John would have turned 21-years-old.

The family plans to have his remains cremated Tuesday afternoon following a memorial service at Thomae-Garza Funeral Home in San Benito. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter