Harlingen parent questions school safety at HCISD

"I am a concerned parent... HCISD does not have drills with students in case of a shooting. Can you investigate and find out why," she said.

Parents in the Rio Grande Valley, want to make sure something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary doesn't happen to them.

"I have gotten some concerns and calls about that throughout the district but we run drills as per our safety plan that we have," Harlingen ISD Assistant Superintendent Oscar Tapia said Concerned parents are reaching out to top administrators to make sure a plan is not only in plan, but it's being tested.

Tapia assures the community the kids are safe.

Tapia adds fire drills are tested every month or every other month, to make sure teachers and students know how to react in the midst of an emergency.

In addition to the drills Harlingen is assessing the systems they do have in place.

"If we have any schools that are not, we are going to get on that and make sure they do the drills that we TMre required to do for all our schools," Tapia said

They are looking at installing new secure school doors, door buzzers and require all staff to utilize swipe cards to enter the building.