Harlingen park gets a facelift

Drugs, prostitution and other criminal activity.

A downtown Harlingen park used to be home to it all, but a facelift at Gutierrez Park hopes to change that.

Thanks to many donations, Gutierrez Park here in downtown Harlingen now features new greenery, picnic tables and all sorts of new amenties to bring families closer together, said city commissioner Jerry Prepejchal.

The city held a ribbon cutting this morning to unveil the recent renovations, all designed to attract more famlies to the area.

Over the past two and a half months the city of harlingen has used money from private donations to beautify the park and fix up the gazeebo to hold more community functions.

For 35 years the park has basically been neglected, said Prepejchal. You can't build a park and immortilize veterans for that park and then just let it go."

The project is not completely finished. Lights will also be added to light the park's trees.

City officials said they will be enforcing new park hours and adding police security to ensure your family will have an enjoyable stay here at Gutierrez Park.

The park is named in honor of Vietnam Veteran George Guttierez Jr.