Harlingen police K-9 turns on officer

During Friday TMs manhunt, police said a K-9 got his collar stuck on a fence, wiggled free and attacked an officer.

A police K-9 turned on an officer Friday.

It happened while Harlingen Police and their K-9s chased three kidnapping suspects.

The suspects escaped into a brushy area.

Police said that TMs when the K-9 got his collar stuck on a fence, wiggled free and attacked Harlingen Police Officer Mike Loya.

Officer Loya did not want to talk on camera.

He said he suffered nerve damage and has no feeling in his arm and hand.

We don't think the dog was able to hear, distinguish his handler TMs commands, said Harlingen Police Officer Dave Osborne.

Dogs aren't like humans; they don't understand the uniform and the badge and good guy from bad guy."

Osborne said the dog was on a leash.

"When his collar came off, he was excited, officers are yelling commands to get the guys on the ground, said Osborne.

That excitement ended with several chomps on Loya TMs arm.

Loya told Action 4 News he underwent surgery Friday and says the City of Harlingen will cover all medical costs.

He said he TMs worried he may not be able to work for months.

As for the K-9, police said he's still at work and so is his police handler.

Police are investigating but said they don't think there was any wrongdoing.

The kidnapping suspects in the chase were arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping.

They were said to be involved in the kidnapping of a man at a Harlingen McDonald TMs Friday.