Harlingen Police Patrol to Confiscate Fireworks

The fourth of July is known for traditionally celebrating with none other than fireworks.

But although these sparkling beauties may be fun to light up, they are considered a fire hazard and are illegal inside city limits.

"There is a city ordinance in Harlingen that you can TMt have any fireworks in the city, Harlingen Police Officer Lee Davis said. You can't be popping them at all in the city. Due to the dry weather conditions and all that, we want to prevent as many fires as we can."

Firework stands all across the valley including one off Wilson Road in Harlingen understand the risk of fire.

Workers think it is a good idea for police to patrol within the city limits to prevent possible injury or damage in populated areas.

I sort of think it's a good idea because the grass is very dry and it's dangerous, said fireworks stand employee Daniella Mesa. It would be horrible for Harlingen if something were to happen."

Action 4 News rode along with Officer Lee Davis to see what illegal activity would turn up this fourth of July.

He said apartment complexes are home to repeat offenders when it comes to fireworks.

The increased police presence this holiday turns people away from breaking the law.

Some people come worried, said fireworks stand employee Sabrina Garcia. They're asking us if it's ok if they can pop fireworks where they live.

"The number one thing they need to know if they're in the city is who picks up your trash, Davis said. If it's the city of Harlingen, then you live in Harlingen."

Of course, fireworks are not the only thing Harlingen Police will be looking for.

They will be making frequent traffic stops to ensure people are not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Our cameras were rolling during one suspected drug stop.

The person placed in a squad is accused of swallowing narcotics before getting pulled over.

Officer Davis said that overall, Harlingen Police's main goal is to keep the city safe this holiday, free from danger and free to enjoy our nation's independence.