Harlingen police release names, photos of Bonita Park suspects

Israel Martinez

Harlingen police have released the names and photos of three men accused of killing a Bonita Park woman and stuffing her body in her refrigerator.

The men were arraigned early Friday afternoon where they were charged with murder of mother Rosie Marie Gonzalez.

Investigators identified the suspects as:

  • Marco Antonio Barrientos, 20
  • Jose Trevio, 18
  • Israel Martinez, 21

Each of the three remain in custody under $750,000 bonds.

Premliminary autopsy results show that Gonzalez died from asphyxia but also suffered blunt force trauma to the head and chest.

Sources told Action 4 News the three men emptied her refrigerator, stuffed almost 98 percent of her body inside and tried to keep the door closed with furniture.

Gonzalez's body was discovered by family members on Monday who had not heard from her in more than 24 hours.

Harlingen Police Sgt. Miriam Anderson released the following statement about the case on Friday afternoon:

Our Investigators have kept in close contact with Rose Marie TMs family and through the family we have gotten to know Rose Marie.

We know that she had plans to provide for her family and had plans to excel in life.

These plans will never take flight because of the crime these three men committed.

This brutal and senseless crime has also touched all of us in our community. But Harlingen came forward.

You came forward and you said that this community will not accept and will not tolerate this behavior.

You came forward with information hoping to assist in solving this crime. And you did.

Our Investigators would like to thank our community for uniting and coming forward.

By you doing your civic duty, you became an essential part of the solution.

I can TMt say that we rejoice in having found these criminals because this will not bring Rosie Marie back, but I can say that we find comfort in knowing that Justice will be served and these men who are behind bars will not hurt another human being again.