Harlingen residents launch website, facebook page to keep Danny Castillo

Some residents in Harlingen have turned to a new website and a Facebook fan page to keep Harlingen Police Chief Danny Castillo.

Chief Castillo resigned from his post amid controversy last Monday.

Castillo stated in a open letter to the Valley Morning Star that he believed he was being "forced" out of office for political reasons.

Harlingen City Manager Carlos Yerena denied the allegations reiterating that Castillo resigned from his job.

City Commissioner Robert Leftwich told Action 4 News that Castillo should be fired from his job because of the letter.

Capt. Michael Kester has been appointed as interim police chief.

City Commissioner Kori Morra told Action 4 News that she supports the chief and believes the will have far-reaching consequences citywide.

Mayor Chris Boswell said the city manager will need to justify his decision.

Supporters have meanwhile launched both the Save Danny Castillo website and the Keep Danny Castillo Facebook fan page.

The Facebook fan page had 106 fans as of Monday morning.

The Harlingen City Commission is meeting on Wednesday where they will discuss the Harlingen police chief position will be discussed.

Action 4 News will have a full report about the Keep Danny Castillo movement tonight.