Harlingen woman beaten after meeting man at Stripes

Harlingen woman beaten by man she met at a gas station

The sight of her mother's blood on the floor is almost too much for Christina.

[He] tried to rape her, tried to kill her, and tried to leave my mom for dead, she said.

Family members said her attacker was a man she had just met while buying a lotto ticket at a nearby Stripes convenience store on the 600 block of Harrison.

It's not clear if she knew the man or what type of contact they had at the store but the family said she was unloading recyclables at her home when he let himself inside the apartment.

The man allegedly became upset when she asked him to leave.

"She was just feeling those punches from his fists. She TMs' just"it TMs not my mom, she's badly beaten up you can TMt recognize her face," said Christina.

She and her siblings went to visit their mother this morning at the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

She's suffering from multiple facial fractures, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Christina told Action 4 her mother was lucky enough to get away and managed to drag herself to the front house for help.

She just wants her mother's attacker be held accountable

"[Him] to pay for what he did to my Mom, the pain he put her through| the suffering when he was hitting her, everything she was going through, declared the victim TMs daughter Christina.

The family wants him caught they worry he'll gets the chance to strike again.

"No woman, no child, no one deserves to be badly beaten that way," said the victim TMs son, J.P.