Harlingen woman who helps needy, finds herself in need

Felisha rewarded for helping those in need

Felisha Rivera is the type of person who just likes to give.

From the homeless man on the corner to the person peddling at the gas station, Maricela Mendiola said her friend pulls out money and never judges even when she personally questions a beggar's true motive.

"I feel happy because she does stuff that I wouldn't do," Mari said. "It makes me feel that more people should be like that. I'm not like that but seeing her do it makes feel like I should be doing it... that if I have 1 last dollar or change... go ahead and hand it off."

But the Harlingen woman who helps those in need now finds herself in need after losing her job.

She worked as a loan officer for many years.

Mari wants to Pay it 4Ward.

She called on Action 4 News and FNB Insurance to surprise Felisha at a restaurant where the two are supposed to be having lunch.

"You look shocked," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said at their table.

"I am shocked," Felisha said. "I'm surprised you know my name."

"This has nothing to do with Chapitas Restaurant or demerits and everything to do with you," Ryan said. Your friend right here has a special message that she wants to share with you."

"Remember all those times that we hung out and people have asked you for money?" Mari asked Felisha. "I've always said no but you've always taken money out of your pocket and given it to them. That's always inspired me. And I know you're down on your luck right now with losing your job and I wanted to Pay it 4Ward to you. On behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News we'd like to Pay it 4Ward."

Mari asks Felisha to hold out her hand.

"That's 100, 200, 300, 400 dollars," she said.

Felisha is shocked.

"I appreciate it," she said. "I appreciate it a lot. I do things just do it. I don't do it to get recognized but I appreciate it."

The 26-year-old admits she's too proud to ask for help.

The Pay it 4Ward prize couldn't have come at a better time.

"So far I've only been able to pay for the necessities but I've fallen behind on other bills, things like furniture and stuff like that," she explained.

The unexpected karma is the result of her selfless acts of kindness. It's kindness that clearly comes from her heart.

"I don't understand how people cannot just help," Felisha said. "Things are never going to pick up, things are never going to get fixed, everybody is going to be suffering. Why not lend a helping hand?" she asked.

Karen Gonzalez is a Pay it 4Ward partner with FNB Insurance Agency who provides the cash for kindness.

She believes there is a lesson here for everyone.

"People give in their own way," Karen said. "Here is somebody who saw a friend down on her luck and wanted to do something about it. And that's really why FNB Insurance is so proud to help Pay it 4Ward."

Felisha hopes this moment signals a new start for her.

"Things can only get better the way I see it," she said.

It TMs a positive outlook when you "Pay it 4Ward."

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