Harlingen's police chief turns in resignation

Harlingen Police Chief Tom Whitten, Jr.

Harlingen Police Chief Tom Whitten, Jr. came on board in the summer of 2011 and he says he's ready to go.

I TMve advised the commission that I need to go to El Paso. My 13 year old is there. The chief turned in his resignation stating personal reasons but also tells Action 4 News he has a job opportunity in El Paso.

I have an opportunity in the same line of work at basically the same pay. Whitten was chosen as chief after Danny Castillo, now a city commissioner, stepped down stating he was forced out.

The chief says he is leaving on his own terms and although his time here in Harlingen has been brief but considers it a success.

This is all my decision. This city has been great. We TMve seen a decrease in crime rates and have had many other successes within the department. His resignation was considered by the commission during executive session at Wednesday night's meeting and all emerged just to state that there was no action at this time.

Still, the chief has said his last day is this Friday.

The city commissioner will meet with Chief Whitten Thursday morning to discuss the resignation further and will put out a joint press release on the outcome.

Whitten was hired in 2011 on a salary of $102,000.