Harrold ISD superintendent says teachers with guns works

Harrold ISD Superintendent David Thweat spends his days traveling around the country"as he defends his choice to allow teachers to carry guns on campus.Parents send their children to our schools in good condition and we expect to have them come home in the same condition.

Thweat TMs schools are small and located just 30 miles north of Wichita Falls, Texas.

He told Action 4 News that his budget is not big enough for him to afford campus security.

In 2006 a shooting at a small Amish school in Pennsylvania opened his eyes to the dangers that could easily walk through his campus doors.

We have passive security, Thweat explained. We have cameras, external magnetic lock doors, and limited access---but after finishing up all of that the October 2006 Pennsylvania Amish school shooting happened. It was the milk man and someone we would have let in our doors---then we would have had an active shooter on campus.

A year later Thweat made sure his teachers and administrators got the training they needed on how to properly use a handgun.

Now they all have a carry and conceal handgun license and are trained extensively on how to handle a dangerous situation.

One of the things that most schools have in their security plan is to lock the doors and hide the kids, Thweat said. That was what they did at Virginia Tech and that didn TMt work, He explained. We needed a plan that worked. We didn TMt want a 100 page emergency plan to say we TMre doing something. I really believe this is a good plan and that it works.

While Thweats decision might not sit well with some, he said it is the only way he can keep his kids safe and give parents the peace of mind that their children will make it home at night.