Harwell student regaining feeling in leg after shooting

Almost two months ago, Nicholas Tijerina was shot outside Harwell Middle School, during basketball tryouts.

Those months were full of uncertainty for the 13 year old after bullets left him without any feeling in his legs.

But his father Misael Tijerina said his son is showing improvement.

"I got a phone call a couple days back," he said. He TMs starting to get a little feel back in his left leg.

Tijerina participated in a benefit trail ride for his son on Saturday at the Delta Lake Park north of Monte Alto.

His wife Donna is with their son Nicholas at the TIRR Memorial Herman Center in Houston, where she is noting every ounce of progress in therapy.

"We had this happen| but you see people coming together to help out and it makes you get back in the saddle again and keep going," he said.

Tijerina is cautious but optimistic.

He knows his son has a long road to recovery, but to help him along, friends and neighbors gathered to ride some horses and rally up funds.

"We TMll always be a phone call away," Arnold Valdez, with the Valverde Riders, said. Even though we have our own separate lives we TMll always be there for the Tijerina family.

Valdez helped organize the trail ride. They are expecting to raise about $10,000 for the family.

The money will be put to use immediately.

"My son is in a wheelchair right now and I TMm going to have to change a few things at my house," Nicholas TM dad said.

Tijerina will have to re-do redo the home, making it wheelchair accessible for the 13-year-old.

He said he is thankful for the support his family is receiving and anxious to get Nicholas back home.

"It make me feel glad that we TMve got the support from people and I just want to tell everybody thank you for coming out," he concluded. It TMs very important to unite and keep pushing forward.