HAZMAT crew called to extract over $1M worth of liquid meth

Photo courtesy of US Customs and Border Patrol

A woman was going to be paid $20,000 for successfully delivering $1,143,000 worth of liquid crystal meth.

However, the drug smuggling ended in an arrest on Thursday, July 24th at Hidalgo International Bridge.

Fabiola Moreno is accused in the crime after US Customs and Border Protection said they found crystal meth inside the muffler of a Chevy truck she was driving.

At first, Moreno told authorities she was from Georgia and flew to McAllen from Florida. She then took a taxi to Reynosa.

In Reynosa, Moreno visited with her father and was taking the truck to McAllen as a favor, according to what she told authorities.

After hearing her story, a Customs officer referred her to secondary inspection where a canine altered authorities to the drug.

She was placed under arrest, and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) personnel were called to extract the liquid meth.

The liquid meth began to crystalize as it was being extracted.

Moreno allegedly told authorities she was going to be paid thousands of dollars to illegally transport the drug from Reynosa into the US.

The 28-year-old is currently jailed and is set to appear for a detention hearing before Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby on July 30th at 9:00 a.m.