HCISD board approves resignation incentive

It was anything but a packed house in the Harlingen CISD board room Tuesday night as board members considered an incentive program to cut staff.

Although attendance at the meeting was dismal, the urgency to approve an early exit incentive pay for early notice resignation was not as board members unanimously voted for it.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores spoke to Action 4 News exclusively just seconds after the decision was made.

What the resignation incentive means is 70 professional/contractual staff, along with 30 hourly/at-will staff will get $7,000 or 20 percent of their gross salary, whichever is less, if they turn in their resignation by April 30th.

Dr. Flores says the measure saves the district money in the long run to the tune of 4.2 million dollars.

What does all this mean for students of HCISD?

Dr. Flores says a recent approval to offer probationary contracts to all contractual employees of the district keeps the classroom from getting hit.

The resignation incentive will cost the district nearly $650,000, but board members are confident the savings for the next budget year will make it worth it.

There are limits on participation.

Only three bus drivers, four computer technicians, three child nutrition employees, four high school math teachers and 4 high school science teachers can sign up.